Imperial Valley Wellness Foundation

Imperial Valley Wellness Foundation
Integrity, Stewardship, Innovation, Commitment

The Mission

Advancing the health and wellness of vulnerable populations in Imperial County.

The Vision

Making the Imperial Valley A Better Place to Live for All

Imperial Valley Wellness Foundation (IVWF) is a grantmaker and serves as a Rural Development Hub in Imperial County by mobilizing resources into the region. As a grantmaker, IVWF funds in the areas of health and wellness, community engagement and nonprofit capacity building. As a Rural Development Hub, IVWF hosts Learning Exchanges, where individuals and organizations gather to learn, share, and discover ways to work together to make the Imperial Valley A Better Place to Live for All.

Rural Development Hub

The Foundation

Imperial Valley Wellness Foundation is serving the role of a Rural Development Hub to focus on improving prosperity and well-being for all in the region. This role has been initiated by providing Health and Wellness grants and resources to address the health challenges and disparities that the people of Imperial County face.

A priority is to make sure that the most vulnerable communities and populations are visible to and heard by those making decisions that affect their daily lives. Our work around Civic Engagement will support community members to engage, elevate their voices, and participate in planning to make a reality the changes they want to see. Community Building Hubs will create the space and opportunity for community members to gather and mobilize around the priorities they identify and partner with local nonprofits that can enhance their efforts. These hubs will become their power base as they meet with institutions and government representatives with solutions on how to improve conditions.

Nonprofit Capacity Building is a critical component of the work. With the proper skills, capacity and resources, nonprofits, and community members, will become changemakers and decision-makers ensuring that prosperity and well-being is attainable by all. The Imperial Valley as a whole, needs external support and resources to elevate its voice and visibility and we invite others to create a Rural Funders Network to demonstrate a new way of balancing resources, power and decision making within rural communities.

The Alliance Healthcare Foundation is demonstrating this concept of balance by transferring 10% of its wealth to the Imperial Valley Wellness Foundation. We know this is long-term work and it will require resources in perpetuity to sustain it. Raising a $25 Million Endowment has begun and we are looking for others to grow it to support the Imperial Valley’s future!

2024 Imperial Valley Mission Support Grant

Imperial Valley Wellness Foundation (IVWF) will be awarding one-year, Mission Support grants ranging from $1,000 - $10,000 per recipient. This year's total fund is $80k.

We recognize the importance and value of focusing on the quality of life for the residents of the Imperial County and want to support the work that many organizations are doing to address health and wellness, and community engagement in disinvested communities and especially with populations and groups that have been historically excluded from planning and decision-making. In addition, we value the importance of the nonprofits that lead this work and are committed to supporting them in building capacity to carry out their work and mission.

Applications Open: July 15, 2024
Applications Close: Aug 15, 2024

Additional Information Apply

We invite 501(c)(3) nonprofits to apply for funding in the following three areas: 1) Health and Wellness, 2) Community Engagement, and 3) Nonprofit Capacity Building. Below are examples of the kind of work that falls under each of the areas.

Health and Wellness

  • Food insecurity and healthy eating
  • Active living and physical activity
  • Mental and emotional health
  • Safe and healthy living neighborhoods
  • Social health
  • Programs that focus on the awareness and prevention of asthma, prenatal care, diabetes, and obesity
  • Health and wellness programs that benefit children, disadvantaged students, farm workers, homeless, LGBTQ, low-income families, seniors and veterans

Community Engagement

  • Helping community members address the issues and needs they face in their communities
  • Engaging community members to work together on community priorities
  • Creating opportunities for community members to gather and socialize
  • Helping community members gain awareness and become better informed
  • Listening to the community to learn more about their priorities and helping them take actions to improve conditions
  • Building the community's capacity so they can create the change they want to see

Nonprofit Capacity Building

  • Strengthening the operations of the organization
  • Strengthening the staff and team of the organization
  • Building a strong volunteer base
  • Attending conferences and workshops
  • Purchasing and/or improving equipment and software
  • Technical assistance or consulting services

COVID-19 Response Fund

The Imperial Valley Wellness Foundation, in partnership with Alliance Healthcare Foundation and other generous donors launched a COVID-19 Response Fund in April 2020 for nonprofit organizations that serve Imperial County. As of December 2020, more than $850,000 had been raised and as of June 2021 $846,000 has been distributed. Read the full report here.


Board of Trustees

The Imperial Valley Wellness Foundation is a tax-exempt public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code. Its board is made up of community leaders in healthcare, business, government and the nonprofit industry who have committed to the Imperial Wellness Foundation’s mission, vision and values for the betterment of Imperial County.

We are always seeking community representatives to serve on our committees.

If you are interested in serving with us, please send a cover note and your resume to

Honorary Council

Dr. Adolphe Edward

El Centro Regional Medical Center
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Todd Finnell

Imperial County Office of Education

Dr. Martha Garcia

College of the Desert

Dr. Kathleen Lang

California Health & Wellness
Vice President Regional Operations

Larry Lewis

Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District
Chief Executive Officer

Haydee Rodriguez

Central Union High School

Sara Sanders

Clinicas de Salud del Pueblo
Chief Development Officer

Enrique Martinez

Imperial Irrigation District
General Manager

Yvonne Bell

Clinicas de Salud del Pueblo
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Victor Jaime

Imperial Valley College
Superintendent/President (Retired)

Endowment Fundraising

With fundraising support and participation, the Imperial Valley Wellness Foundation will underwrite and support organizations and individuals that are solving the health problems of Imperial County and promoting the wellness of its hardworking population.


Contact Us

P.O. Box 3005
El Centro, 92244

The Imperial Valley Wellness Foundation works to advance the health and wellness of vulnerable populations in our community. Help us by contributing today.